Yu-Ting Cheng


Ph. D. Major in Electrical and Engineering, Tamkang Universtity, 2020
M. S. Major in Electrical and Engineering, Tamkang Universtity, 2013
B. S. Major in Electrical and Engineering, Feng Chia University, 2011


Lecturer Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tamkang University

Highlights of Qualifications

Antenna Design, Program Design, Evolution Algorithm, Wireless communication


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Yu-Ting Cheng
Postdoctoral Fellow

NHRI Digital Biomarkers Lab
Room A3234, No. 35 Keyan Road, Zhunan Town, Miaoli County 35053, Taiwan
886-37-206166 EXT 36383 | yuhsuanlin@nhri.org.tw