Staff Hours

“Staff Hours” was designed to capture physicians’ work hours, work patterns, and circadian rhythms in real time. An algorithm was developed to automatically identify the number of hours a physician spends in medical workplaces (e.g., hospitals, clinics). This technology is based on Global Positioning System (GPS) signals, which is then combined with self-reported work hour data. 


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“Staff Hours” is our latest development of a fully automated time recording app. Its main principle is to use the Global Positioning System (GPS) in an extremely low power mode to automatically calculate work hours. There is no need to manually record clock-in and clock-out times every day as the app will automatically calculate work hours once installed. This app is the first research tool we have developed for our “fully automated real-time labor inspection system,” which will significantly improve the efficiency of traditional labor inspections. In the future, we will also establish real-time “sweatshop maps” for various types of work throughout Taiwan for immediate monitoring. This will provide employees who experience overtime and overwork with assurance through recorded work hours, without having to wait for labor inspections.
The reason for naming it the “Staff Hours” and focusing on physicians as the primary research subject is that physicians work long hours without the protection of labor laws, and their shift systems are complex, making them suitable for challenging and examining the algorithms of this system. Therefore, as long as your workplace is relatively fixed, even if you are not a medical worker, you can try using it. 

The “Staff Hours” will automatically draw a chart of your past work hours and calculate your actual work hours and overtime hours for the past seven days. If there is any discrepancy between the recorded hours and your actual work hours, you can adjust it by clicking on the bar chart on the screen within seven days. 
The technical principle behind “Staff Hours” leverages GPS to accurately calculate work hours, making it applicable beyond the medical field. It can benefit workers in fixed-point jobs such as those in the service, manufacturing, and finance industries, providing both individuals and companies with precise work hour and overtime tracking. The system can also automatically compute overtime pay according to relevant regulations, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of traditional labor inspections. By offering real-time work hour statistics, “Staff Hours” supports government labor inspections and policy evaluations, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and enforcement.


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