If you are interested in using a questionnaire to research internet addiction, you may approach your investigation from a “software” or “hardware” point of view to choose your questionnaire. If you would like to use our questionnaires in our research, please send us an application by filling out the application form.

1. Generalized Internet Addition (any internet activity on any platform)

“Internet addiction” refers to misuse of any internet activities (gaming, social networking, shopping, multimedia) on any platform (PC, smartphone, tablet). Due to the rise of multi-platform use, International research of “Generalized Internet Addiction” has decreased recently. The most commonly use questionnaires are the “Internet Addiction test, IAT“, or Taiwan’s “Chen internet Addiction Scale, CIAS”.

2. Internet Gaming AddictionOnline Gaming Using Desktop

    Over the past 10 years, according to International Clinical and Academic Consensus such as the 2013 “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” by the American Psychiatric Association the 2018 “International Classification of Diseases” by the WHO, the focus of internet addiction has been focused on “online gaming addiction”. The IGDT, Internet Gaming Disorder Test, was developed according to criteria regarding “Internet Gaming Addiction” outlined by the APA’s diagnostic manual. The criteria is widely accepted Internationally and is feasible and appropriate for cross-cultural research. Our team has adapted the 10-item questionnaire into Mandarin with a strict translation process。Our adaptation has been rigorously tested for sensitivity and specificity.

3Smartphone Addiction (Internet behavior using mobile phones)

   Due to the significant differing characteristics between mobile phones and desktops (the portable and accessible nature of the smartphone) , we have developed the SPAI, The Smartphone Addiction Inventory. There is a 26 item complete version and a 10 item abbreviated version of the SPAI. It is currently being adapted for 20 different countries and languages, making it one of the most widely used questionnaires globally.

4. Mobile Gaming Addiction (Online Gaming using the smartphone)

Combining research regarding smartphone use and internet gaming addiction, we have developed a new mobile gaming addiction questionnaire called the PMGQ, Problematic Mobile Gaming Questionnaire. The PMGQ’s reliability and prevalence research has been published in the 2019 October issue of Cyberpsychology Behavior and Social Networking. The questionnaire has a 12-item complete version and a 4-item short version for self-evaluation.

If you would like to use our questionnaires in our research, please send us an application by filling out the application form.

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